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Thank you for navigating your way to, the home of a non-partisan effort to discuss the virtues of being a citizen in the United States of America. What is this site going to do? Who is running this site? Why be so obvious about who you are? Where can I help? When did this idea start?

What: This site will also encourage both lifelong and newly "naturalized" citizens to become active in their community and understand that no matter where you are on the political or social spectrum, we are all citizens and demand respect from each other.
Who: A lifelong citizen and resident of Pennsylvania! I have lived my entire life in the state that has such a critical role in both the country now as much as in pre-colonial days. I married an immigrant to this country from the former Soviet Union. The appreciation for what she and her family persevered also further pushed me to create some token of appreciation for every other citizen and what can be done when given the freedoms that we enjoy.

Why: The impeteous of this shirt design and website comes from seeing military people wear rather drab shirts stating the branch of service in which they are enlisted. The remainder of us are United States citizens, how best to celebrate that? Be creative and display the rights that we are guaranteed and are defended by our military. I have been fortunate not to have been called into duty, but many members of my family have, and I understand the sacrifice that comes along with being both a citizen and the sacrifice of our military personnel. Our only duty is to be active in our community. Our uniforms as citizens is to be creative and express ourselves, this t-shirt can be our uniform, standing up for our country.

Where: Help is needed in so many places. Volunteering time is one of the best ways to improve our country. In every block, townhouse, development, town, city, help is needed by someone. Taking time to use your talents to support your neighbors and friends strengthens us as a country because we are aware of each other and the events and changes occurring around us.

Let us know who you think we should send a shirt to.


When: Prior to the 2008 presidential election I wanted to express how important we each are as citizens in continuing our shared vision of a greater tomorrow. On the way to a meeting with a client, after seeing images on bumper stickers, t-shirts, and both left and right wing commercials, I sketched an initial design. I believed there was something that would describe the majority of Americans.